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Venue summer camp 2016

Jain international school
AC campus
Accommodation for Girls 90 for Boys 135 limited seats hurry up!

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Science Adventure Camp


Welcome to Adventure Camp India 2016

Aero Sports Hot Air Ballooning & Parasailing, Water Sports White water Rafting .... more..



A non profit voluntary organization established a decade ago in year 1999 have been a setting example in creating awareness on individual ,social, moral, psychological and physiological developments thus contributing in healthy and well being of citizens.

Due to the modernization and inclination towards western culture India is losing its ancient heritage, Vedic culture and traditional educational system.

Even after six decades of glorious independence India is still under the influence of slavery and bondage. Illiteracy and unemployment are the major factors affecting the global Indian economy. The influence of hectic day to day life is effecting the mental, physical and physiological development of an individual thus isolating him from happiness health and mental peace.

Taking the above factors into consideration and with an intention to help the needy and uplift the downtrodden maharshi dayananda saraswathi kriya yoga samsthan has been conducting state wide awareness camps on Yoga,  Ayurveda, Vedic science, Indian heritage and culture, Gau-samrakshana, Ancient methods of agriculture, Moral development in rural areas, nature cure, Pollution control etc. along with summer camps for school going children.

As a part of above kriya yoga samsthan – Hyderabad annually conducts summer camps for school going children aged between 7-16 years. During the months of April/ may and creating records specifically organizing residential summer camps in grand scale. ....readmore..

welcome to Adventure Camps 2016

We would like to introduce ourselves as Maharshi dayananda saraswati kriya yoga samsthan organizing multi adventure - north India educational tour for school / college students.

I here by propose the Schools, colleges or any other Professional institutes, to book in advance for their students (aged 12 years) to take part in the multi adventure and educational tour.

You can avail the facility of approaching us At Kriya yoga samsthan-Hyderabad for holding the camps atManali, Uttarakhand, Kerala and Rajasthan,Andhra Pradesh Telangana himachal pradesh and many more places in india.

Archery, Rifle Shooting, Horse Riding Elephant Safari, and Water Sports White water rafting, water surfing Expeditions, Mountaineering Expeditions, Bike Expeditions, Aero Sports Hot Air Ballooning para gliding,skiing Trekking and many more activities

We have already situated our related training centers in Hyderabad, Manali, Masoouri hills, kerala where we provide every facility.

The accommodation in tents / dormitories and Hotel, meal as per Itinerary will be provided by the institution. Besides it, delicious and nutritious food (pure Vegetarian) is prepared in the camp kitchen with hygiene being the main priority.

Our instructors, staff members are highly experienced as hardcore mountaineers & are well versed in all areas of mountaineering / rivers as well as aware of the risk factors involved.

Proper medical facilities are available round the clock at every campsite through the track. ..readmore..

Latest Camp Details

All India Summer Camp 2016
Date of Event : 1st May 2016 - 22nd May 2016
Venue : Hyderabad
Details : Contact: +91 8790338094
Email :
Email :

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Kriya Yoga Samsthan
Head Office: 2-2-23/37/A,
D.D.Colony, Bagh Amberpet,
Andhra Pradesh, INDIA

Tel : 9392033555
Tel : 8790338094
Tel : 040-27422006
Tel : 8500906282


"It's been a very cool day and people are continuoesly coming since morning. The line in our 'Manali' Tour has been very cool and it has never stopped. The crowd has been good, people have been nice, and I've been enjoying it."

     Sam, Director, BM Education Services

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